The TYPO3Camp RhineRuhr 2019 took place in Essen’s Unperfekthaus from 1.-3. November. And, as every year, Marketing Factory attended with several employees as well.

The idea for this blogpost in particular came to me quite spontaneously during lunch – inspired by Jochen (Thanks for that 🙂 ). During the first day of the barcamp, Jochen hold a short but catchy  speech about the representation of TYPO3 online. Well, actually more about the lack of representation of TYPO3. In my opinion, that mostly derives from the fact, that eventhough there are many people on-site, only a small percentage of those actually talk or write about, why he/she is even attending and what he/she is personally gaining from attending in the first place.

If we are being completly honest here, the people who are regularly reporting about TYPO3 events are mostly always the same. And those sadly can be counted on two hands. Me included (Hope you agree on that). And with more than 200 people attending the TYPO3Camp RhineRuhr alone – that’s a pretty disappointing share.

This blog post is not supposed to be a basic recap, where I’m reporting on the talks, the people or the food (which, spoiler alert, was amazing, as always. I think I can safely say that I’ve gained 6 pounds on the potato bake alone. No shame here.). But instead I’d like to talk about why I enjoy being part of the community and motivate those, who maybe weren’t too eager about sharing before, to also share their story.

The idea: Share your story about TYPO3? Why are you here and why are you staying?

I’ll start: I am here, because I’m a pretty extroverted person, I love meeting new people and hear their stories and because I’ve gained most of my TYPO3 knowledge through taking part in Camps, CertiFUNcations & Co. I’m thirsty for knowledge and I think, that you learn a lot more through interaction and communication, than you could ever through reading „informative content“.

And why do I stay? Firstly: see above. Secondly: Because I want to contribute my part to the community and improve the „product“ and experience for others along the line. I want to encourage those, who maybe did not have the courage to take part in one of the TYPO3 events so far, to see, why they should do it. The TYPO3 community is an extremly open, friendly and cordial space, where everyone gets treated with respect and welcomed with open arms. Independent of their level of expertise or job title.

That already concludes everything I wanted to say. Now, I’d like to give it to you and ask you, to share your story about TYPO3! Let’s spread the word! #whyamihere

Über Luisa Sofie Faßbender

Senior-Projektleiterin, seit 2015 bei Marketing Factory | Blog-Sklaventreiberin | Master-Student Marketing & Communications | TCCC | TYPO3 Marketing Team Lead | 🦄

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